Breaking Tweet from Paris

I don’t have the competencies to talk about what happened in Paris. All my prayers and thoughts are, of course, with the French people and, between all, with my friends and persons I know whom are in Paris at the moment.

I consider myself as a calm and moderate person.

I try to don’t be dominated by fear and unrationalism.

I’ve been sitting and watching at BBC News for over a hour now. All I see is the news floating continuously, with lots of phone reporting.

All the reported titles are about confirmed information and first handed sources.

No one is speculating over unconfirmed news and unreliable sources. That is what makes a news agency a trustworthy one.

I’m writing this words on my phone after looking over and over again at my Twitter timeline.

And all I’ve saw is exactly the opposite of what I’m watching on BBC.

At this moment Twitter is filled of fears and unconfirmed sources, which have more power than a Tsunami.

I’m not naif or stupid, I know that what happened is probably caused by Islamic terrorists.

But we don’t know anything at this moment. Anything. And based on the live reports from Paris, time will pass before knowing anything certain and detailed.

The only people who takes advantage by this floating fear are the terrorists themselves.

I’m no one to tell people to not hate Muslims or to not blame Isis for what is happening.

I would simply ask people: DON’T FREAK OUT.

This is the most disrispectful thing imaginable.

Don’t freak out.

Don’t be dominated or driven by fear or hate.

Wait to be informed.

Think before act.

No one wins in getting more retweets or likes.

No one wins in delivering unconfirmed sources.

Everyone lose.

And that would be terrorist bigger win.

Pray for Paris.